If you've noticed that Honeyfi is missing transactions, there could be a problem with our connection to your bank. Good news! It's generally a very simple fix:

  1. In the Honeyfi app, go into your Settings > Accounts.
  2. Tap the bank in question
  3. In the top right, there should be an "Alert" button - tap that. If you don't see an "Alert" button, continue reading below.
  4. Follow the directions to re-link your bank. 

That's it! It might take a few hours to process, but you should start seeing your missing transactions.

But I don't see an "Alert" button...

If you've followed the directions above but don't see an "Alert" button, check your bank's website and confirm that they have a record of the transactions. If they do, send us a note and we'll investigate!

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