If you've noticed that Honeyfi is missing transactions, there could be a problem with our connection to your bank. Good news! It's generally a very simple fix:

  1. In the Honeyfi app, go into the "More" tab > Settings > Accounts.

  2. Tap the bank in question

  3. In the top right, there should be an "Alert" button - tap that. If you don't see an "Alert" button, continue reading below.

  4. Follow the directions to re-link your bank. 

That's it! It might take a few hours to process, but you should start seeing your missing transactions.

If you don't see an "Alert" button...

If you've followed the directions above but don't see an "Alert" button, check your bank's website and confirm that they have a record of the transactions. If they do, send us a note and we'll investigate!

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