If you're new to Honeyfi and wondering where to get started, here are some of the most popular features:

Budgets: Head to the home tab to review your budget. Tap on the budget card to edit budgeted amounts and create custom subcategories in your budget.

Bills: In the home tab, you'll see a card with the recurring bills we automatically identified for you. To add a new bill, go to the transactions tab, tap on a transaction, and select "change recurring status."

Goals: We make it simple to save with your partner for anything from a vacation to a home. Create a goal and choose a simple savings rules like a percentage of your income or a set amount each week.

Transactions: Review your latest transactions in the transactions tab. You can quickly update the spending category, add a comment, and tag a transaction to a person.

Net worth: Head to the balances tab to see your net worth and review your shared and private account balances in one place.

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